The research project of Thu Dau Mot University is funded by VINF Fund

03/08/2021 14:48 — 195

The project "Optimizing the fabrication process based on data from physical simulation" of Thu Dau Mot University (Project code: VINIF.2020.DA15) was honored to be sponsored by VINIF with a budget of 4.8 billion VND. This is one of 28 excellent projects selected from 139 dossiers submitted in 2020 after passing through 3 rounds of evaluation and strict selection by the Science Council and consultation of more than 50 professors in and out of Vietnam. According to Dr. Tran Van Xuan - Director of the research program "Modeling, simulating in the digital age" is also the director of this project, which aims to develop an optimal method for the parameters of the manufacturing process taking into account uncertainties based on data from physics simulation and artificial intelligence. The project will focus on 3 fabrication technologies that are advanced and popular in the heavy industry including Three Dimensional Printing, metal sheet/format stamping, and automatic welding. The specific objectives of the project include: (1) Creating open-access databases from experimentation and digital simulation of advanced manufacturing processes taking into account mechanical, thermal, and changing the structure of materials, thereby creating a basis for applying artificial intelligence to optimize these processes; (2) Develop suitable alternative models for each fabrication process based on effective machine learning methods combined with efficient data collection methods; (3) Quantification of product quality uncertainty based on an assessment of random impact factors or due to lack of accurate information on manufacturing process parameters; (4) Development of optimal efficiency methods taking into account uncertainty; (5) Evaluation and application of research results into trial production process, technology transfer to research centers and production facilities in need.

Currently, according to the general trend, Vietnam is implementing a strong digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 with the goal of promoting businesses to design and produce themselves to meet domestic and export needs. The EDPOMP project will study in-depth the fundamental physical processes in advanced fabrication technologies and will develop this knowledge into numerical simulation tools using machine learning methods to optimize input parameters for fabrication processes. The results of this project will generate and share innovative digital tools for industrial and academic organizations; to help improve production efficiency, especially for the industries of medical equipment, automotive, and aerospace engineering; promote international cooperation, develop skills in the digital age.

The sponsorship signing ceremony between Vingroup and the representatives of Thu Dau Mot University

Overview of the signing ceremony of the sponsored projects

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