Construction Engineering achieved Five-Star UPM

09/02/2022 14:51 — 691

This morning, January 18th, 2022, the assessment system UPM (University Performance Metrics) announced the star rating results for training programs of universities. Thu Dau Mot University has been rated 5 stars for Construction Engineering, 4 stars for Business Administration, and 4 stars for Environmental Resource Management.

Once a year, UPM will announce the assessment results for training programs and registered higher educational institution. In 2020, in the first implementation of this evaluation system, Thu Dau Mot University achieved 4 UPM stars as an educational institution, the highest star standard achieved among the group of application-oriented universities. And in 2021, the school registered 3 majors to be evaluated. The results were announced this morning, with 5 Stars for Construction Engineering Technology and 4 Stars Plus for Business Administration and Environmental Resource Management.

UPM is a university ranking system initiated and developed by a team of researchers from Vietnam National University, Hanoi, funded by the National Education Science Program, and chaired by the Ministry of Education and Training. The UPM Star Rankings are evaluated based on 52 criteria in 8 areas, including Strategic Management, Education, Research, Innovation, University Ecosystem, Information Technology, Internationalization, and Community Service. Each area has its benchmarks and weights with a total score of 1000 points. Each criterion in each area is compared with benchmarks and stared. Therefore, not only does UPM help with general assessment, but also analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each activity and each field of a higher education institution. Thanks to that, the system can provide universities with a basic set of indicators, serving as a strategic management tool and supporting quality accreditation.

First launched in August 2020, up to now, in addition to universities in Vietnam, there are more than 50 universities in Asia participating in the UPM star rating system. Speaking at the "Conference on university performance metrics" in August 2020, Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti - Executive Director of Southeast Asian University Network - AUN believes that the standards system and indicators of UPM will be used as a tool, not only to help universities self-reflect and adjust their quality but also as one of the bases for AUN to strengthen and expand its network. He congratulated Vietnam on taking the first step outside the country to contribute to the development of the higher education system in the region, through the UPM system.

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