Signing the memorandum of cooperation with Chaoyang Technical University (Taiwan)

03/08/2021 09:17 — 108

Coordinating to execute the associated training program 0.5 + 3.5 for 40 Industrial Management students of Thu Dau Mot University, who studied in Taiwan; Training research students and exchanging lecturers; Supporting scholarships for students with good academic achievements,… are the agreements, which were signed between Thu Dau Mot University and Chaoyang Technical University (Taiwan).

In the afternoon of 25/7/2017, Thu Dau Mot University and Chaoyang Technical University (Taiwan) signed the memorandum of cooperation MOU, marked good beginning of the relationship between the two units in the field of training, scientific research and international cooperation. Welcomed the Leaders of Chaoyang University, there were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-Rector and the representatives of Training, International Cooperation Offices, Department of Science Management.

To open the meeting, Prof. Yu Wen De-Vice-Rector of Chaoyang University introduced about the profile of the School activities. Accordingly, with the criterion “internationalization of education”, Chaoyang University has enhanced efforts to internationalize its academic exchange activities with advanced universities in the region and all over the world. In cooperation with the universities in Vietnam, Chaoyang Technical University wanted to become a partner with Thu Dau Mot University to develop training programs, projects of cooperation in scientific research, exchanges of lecturers, students and research students.

Responded, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep expressed delight and honor to collaborate with Chaoyang University, and hoped sustainable relationship between two Schools. He highly dignified the cooperation projects, which were presented by Prof. Yu Wen De, at the same, he affirmed, Thu Dau Mot University willing to become a partner of Technical Chaoyang University in Southern region, as well as in Vietnam. With the similarities in the system of disciplines and study levels, Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Hiep proposed, the two Schools would develop more cooperation projects in Technical Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences ology. Specifically, exchange lecturers, students and the two certificate training program, abroad training, organize international seminar, international languages training in the summer vacation,...

In the framework of the meeting, the two sides spent time discussing the construction and development of the associated training program 0.5 + 3.5 for engineering ology; 2 + 2 or 3 + 3 for economic and social sciences ology. At the same time, the two sides also discussed details of the plan to receive finance support of Taiwan enterprises in the training of research students for the lecturers of Thu Dau Mot University, who studied in Chaoyang Technical University in the school year 2018.

With high consistency in the cooperation project, the two school’s Leadership signed the memorandum to create the legal basis for the development of associated training program 0.5+3.5 for 40 Industrial Management students, train 02 research students and exchange lecturers; support scholarships for students with good academic achievements, support internship funding for students, who practiced in enterprises as the partners of Chaoyang Technical University.

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