Signing MOU with Truong Vinh University (Taiwan)

03/08/2021 09:44 — 115

The signing ceremony took place in the formal, friendly atmosphere at the campus of Thu Dau Mot University, with the presence of the Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-School Council President, with leaders of Science, International Cooperation Offices, Faculty of Natural Science, and Institute for Technology development. About Truong Vinh University-there was Prof. Yung-Lung Lee-Principal and Co-workers.

Under the agreement, Thu Dau Mot University and Truong Vinh University made sure that they were strategic partner of each other. The two parties would rely on the strengths of each field to exploit the potential of Science education, Science and technology to create the effect of the quality of training, science research, contribute to increase the position and prestige of the two Schools.

To accomplish these objectives, the two parties would jointly launch the content of cooperation with many activities. With the training area, the two sides conducted lecturers, student and culture exchange program. After the signing of this agreement, Truong Vinh University would draft the plan of receiving 10 students of Chinese language Faculty to attend the short term course. In the field of Science and Technology, the two schools would coordinate the implementation of the program of scientific research on orchid’s seeds production, technology of building materials from the paper; the programs of academic information exchange; cooperate to celebrate seminars, conferences.

Shared at the signing ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep said, Thu Dau Mot University built strategy to enhance brand of education according to the methods of approaching the advanced education of famous international institutions with strong similarities with the School. This cooperation would support for both Thu Dau Mot University and Truong Vinh University to approach, exploit the potential of training technologies, achievements of research science and technology, and promote the capacity of the expert, trainer team.

Responded, Prof. Yung-Lung Lee gladded to know, with the advantages on education and science and technology, Truong Vinh University would like to share these achievements with the partner of School. So, the ceremony was a milestone marking the same link of together development between a dynamic institution in Taiwan and a key public university of South East area.

Under the agreement, Thu Dau Mot University and Truong Vinh made sure that they were the strategic partner of each other.

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