Signed MOU with Vietnam-Japan University

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From 5/3 to 7/3/2018, the Delegation of Thu Dau Mot University (TDMU) led by Asoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-School Council President-Head of the Delegation, worked with the international educational institution in Hanoi. The topic in the business trip this time was signing a cooperation agreement with Vietnam-Japn University (VJU, VNU) in the field of training and scientific research.

Attending the signing ceremony, there were Dr. Furuta Motoo -Rector- Rector of VJU, Prof. Dr. Vu Minh Giang-President of the Science and training council, with the Vice-Rectors and the Heads of the Offices of VJU. About Thu Dau Mot University, there were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep-School Council President, the Vice- Rectors and Heads of the subdivisions. MOU agreement between the two Schools was an important initial step in strategic cooperation on training, especially postgraduate training and scientific research. Formation and development-oriented in research, VJU was the first education unit, established by the two Governments: Vietnam and Japan. Therefore, the University had many conditions for investment, development of the advanced education program as well as the modern machines, which served for academic researches.

Speaking at the Signing ceremony, Prof. Furuta Motoo appreciated the strong developments of TDMU since its foundation. In particular, Mr. Furuta Motoo and VJU leadership had a very thorough understanding about the strategies of the School to get suitable orientation. He believed that the signing of the MOU would create more benefits for both units; TDMU would be a reliable clue of VJU in the South, attracting many skilled practitioners. To reply the sincere speech of Prof. Furuta Motoo, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep thanked the welcome of VJU. He wished to share the achievements, experiences from the advanced domestic and foreign schools. Selected VJU as a strategic partner, he expects in potential development and the support of VJU; VJU would be beside TDMU to implement the development strategy of the School.  The MOU was the important base for the construction of the cooperation program between the two Schools and the details would be conducted on-site deployment this year.

Before that, on the afternoon of 5/3/2018, Thu Dau Mot University also came to work with the Institute of Science and Technology of Vietnam-Korea (V-KIST) to put the relationship of cooperation in science application. With the reception of Mr. Kum Dong Hoa-President of V-KIST, the two sides learn about the strengths as well as the development orientation of each other, discussed the possibilities of cooperation between the two Units in the future.

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