Establishment of cooperating relationship with Pines-Philippines Language Academy

03/08/2021 10:30 — 120

At the opening, Dr. Le Hong Diep expressed pleasure to welcome the Delegation of Pines Language Academy, at the same time; he also talked about the scale of training, strategies to promote international cooperation on education, scientific research, the transfer of science and technology. The Doctor said, with the mission of training high-quality human resources in the process of integration in the region and the world, the School focused on promoting the affiliation program of English training with other universities, advanced Language Institute inside and outside the country. Through the meeting, Dr. Le Hong Diep hoped to establish collaborative relationship with Pines Academy in the projects of training and exchanging lecturers, students.

About Pines Academy, Mr. Kim Injun appreciated the hospitality of the School. He shared that Pines Academy was one of the English language schools, which had modern facilities, advanced and high quality in the Philippines. In the international cooperation activities, the Academy promoted the expanded cooperation relationship on training intensive and high-quality English programs in the region. Mr. Kim Injun expressed his pleasure when he could establish collaborative relationship with Thu Dau Mot University with the projects to enhance students’ language skills.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Le Hong Diep directly assigned tasks for leaders of Foreign Languages Faculty and Foreign Languages Center to promote detailed cooperation plans between the two Schools. In addition, within the framework of the visit, the Delegation of Pines Academy had a chance to approach and introduce about the information of the Academy, Training programs, School fees and the Scholarship opportunities...

Founded in 2002, Pines English Language School is one of the English Language Schools that has the oldest history in the Philippines. It is also one of the language Academies that has outstanding quality in the Philippines and was recognized as the international Standard English School by the Philippine Government and the International Education Organizations such as TESDA, SEC.... Besides, Pines was authorized in the training of English by the University of Cordilleras and Sunmoon University ...

Pines English Language School has two foundations: Cooyessan Campus and Chapis Campus, which are located in the foggy plateau city Baguio. Particularly, Cooyessan foundation specializes in ESL and Basic English courses; Chapis Campus foundation specializes in advanced ESL and IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL training.

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