Cooperation in the transfer of training program with the University of Waikato-New Zealand

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To welcome the delegation, we had Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep- Rector, with the Vice-Rectors, Leaders of Science, Undergraduate Training, International Relations Offices and Foreign Languages Faculty.

At the opening the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep was pleased to welcome Mr. Neil Quigley to visit and work with the School. The Associate Professor shared, with the advantage of a main public university of Binh Duong Province, Thu Dau Mot University attracted the interests of many units, international organizations in the field of educational cooperation, cultural exchange. Besides, the School actively established cooperation relationship with more advanced educations in the world to deploy the roadmap for renewal of teaching quality. Accordingly, the School was developing a number of teaching programs with international and regional standards, abroad internship exchanges,… aimed to provide high-quality manpower for the society. With these targets, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep desired to establish long-term cooperation relationship with the University of Waikato in the delivery of training programs in the engineering, economics ology and the scientific research projects and technology transfers.

Responded, Mr. Neil Quiley thanked for the goodwill for cooperation and was impressed by the growth of the School through 7 years of establishment and development. He said, the University of Waikato was one of the important schools of New Zealand, developed in the direction of innovation and flexibility. The school offered advanced training programs, equipped for students the skills and knowledge to meet timely scientific and technical progress and the world-trading environment. Therefore, the school attracted many international students to study. In the field of international cooperation, the School flexibly linked and cooperated with the universities in perspective and trends. With the proposal of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep, the University of Waikato was willing to cooperate and created favorable conditions to transfer the required training program from Thu Dau Mot University, and pledged support fees for lecturers to come to Waikato University and attend refresher course of knowledge and teaching skills in the transferred programs.

Realized that the needs and potentials of the cooperation in education and training between the two schools are very large, at the meeting, the two sides focused on discussions about the contents of transferring training program from the University of Waikato for Thu Dau Mot University, undergraduate, postgraduate training links, lecturer’s exchange. Then, we could hold some training courses to enhance the professional knowledge and language skills, scientific research programs and technology transfers.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed to prepare plans for high signing of a cooperative to savor the close cooperation for the development of education of the two schools and the prosperity of the two countries in general.


Founded in 1946, the University of Waikato is one of the eight public universities located in the city of Hamilton, the fourth largest city of New Zealand. With up to 60 hectares of campus, the University of Waikato was invested over 5 million dollars by the private organizations to carry out the scientific research programs, equipped lecture theatres with modern computer rooms, laboratories and libraries with more than 500,000 books. Besides, the University of Waikato also collaborated with more than 120 research institutes with the support programs and exchanges of teachers as well as students around the world.

The University of Waikato has seven schools and faculties such as School of Social sciences and Humanities, School of Computer science and Mathematics, Pedagogic School, Law School, University of Waikato, School of Maori and Pacific development and University of science and technology. Many of the disciplines of the school are rated as the first rank in the University system of New Zealand, such as: business management, communication, journalism and mass communication, mathematics, chemistry, education, biology, ecology, computer science, music, art school and art subjects…




The two sides discussed the cooperation projects for development of education

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